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PRPL Design can help you to create your signature look. The outstanding home & office interior décor and design services includes - wall decors, accessory designs, products for a well designed home or office, to cater to all your creative needs. Our interior designing services also involves custom designed furniture and furnishings (viz. drapery rods, curtains, dining tables & chairs, sofas & cots).

Raj Interior, our import division delivers its customer, the latest and top end furniture and other products from any part of the world. Our core products are Home décor, Residential furniture, Office Furniture , School Furniture, Exterior and Interior Lightings, etc.

Tips To Start With Your Home Interiors!

Pen down your basic and over all needs

Cut down needs to priorities. Collecting visuals and articles of your taste from magazines, supplementary, net and other sources will help to state your ideas better across the table with your designer.

Do some homework.

A brief home work on different materials, its features and properties which you are planning to use. For example veneer in our usual Indian kitchen may not last long even with melamine coats, but polyurethane coat can do the job.

Keep a clear picture of budget

This will ensure efficiency avoiding any lapse in putting across your needs to your designer or vender and also will help you in effectively getting the right design and product in a faster time frame.

About Us

We have a professional design team to provide all kind of design solutions from retro to contemporary, depending upon the client’s needs.